Bungee Cords - Pack of 6 Multi Purpose

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HiFEN® Bungee Cords with Hooks Heavy Duty Pack of 6 Multi Purpose Bungee Ropes Weatherproof UV Resistant Outdoor Elastic Bungee Straps Ideal for Luggage, Camps, Tarps, Motorcycle

A SIZE FOR EVERY NEED: The package comes with 6 packs of Bungee Cords Straps with metal hooks. Available in Multiple sizes and Assorted Colour options to suit every need. Choose from these sizes: 12” (30CM), 18” (45CM), 24” (60CM). The elastic strap colour is Red, Yellow and Blue. The 12 inch (30CM) size are the mini straps heavy duty from our available sizes.

DURABLE & SUPER STRONG: Made of super Elastic rubber rope, providing strong elasticity and durability. Designed to withstand heavy usage, these robust bungy straps with hooks are engineered with Elastic cord accompanied by heavy-duty Metal Hooks. Our bungee cords with hooks still have a strong amount of stretch and are adjustable to a variety of needs.

HIGH STRETCH TOLERANCE: These Elastic heavy duty rope stretch to double their length and have a maximum load capacity making them the ideal bungee stretch cord for strapping, securing, attaching and reinforcing everything from backpacks to a bike rack to securing a skip net, truck or motorcycle cover. They all have super elasticity and can be stretched longer to hold your items more firmly.

ALL WEATHER RELIABILITY: Suitable for all weather conditions and outdoor pursuits, these strong elastic bungee cord with hooks are reliably element proof and boast real-deal UV resistant plastic coating - a set of bungee cords which won’t fade or warp in the sunshine.

WHEN ADVENTURE CALLS: An essential addition to any tool, survival or camping kit, this large 6 pack of rubber bungee cords with hooks will be perfect when adventure comes knocking. Perfect bungy cords for Securing Luggage strap, Camps, Tent, Tarps, Garden Furniture, Wheelie Bin Lid Covers, cyclists, Motorcycle, Hand Truck, hikers, DIYers, travel, camping accessories & all outdoor pursuits. The cords are easily connectable and can be combined together to make extra lengths.

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