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Kids Plasters Assorted Size & Designs WashProof

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HiFEN® Kids Childrens Plasters Assorted Size & Designs WashProof Breathable Hypoallergenic Skin-Friendly First Aid Bandages - Pack of 75

  • PROTECTION: Protects wounds from dirt and bacteria. A clean wound, without dirt will heal faster, minimizing the risk of infection. Assorted Kids Plasters are have strong Long lasting surestick adhesive that protects and cushions the wound.
  • DURABLE & BREATHABLE: The waterproof, Breathable and Durable membrane in our large plasters keeps wounds, cuts and grazes clean and dry while it heals. Each plaster is flexible, breathable and wash proof, and features with a Long Lasting Surestick Adhesive that protects the wound.
  • PAINLESS REMOVAL: The Assorted Kids Plasters are painless to remove and skin-friendly, helping to protect the affected area from further damage. Due to its specialized Protection these first aid kit are sterilized for ultimate Protection.
  • EASY TO USE: These adhesive Bandages are designed with padding on the dressing, just clean the wound part and point to the padding and wrap it up. It is easy to use just change the tape daily for safer and more hygienic use.
  • Assorted Sizes & Designs: The pack includes different sizes of the children's plasters for total versatility and to provide even coverage for awkward areas. Assorted Sizes (19x76, 19x57, 9x38 and spots 22 - all in MM). These tapes are beautifully designed with unicorns, Cats, Pandas and other Novelty plasters which can attract the interest of children and can give you a lively and fresh feeling.

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